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Who We Are

Noetic Nomads is a community of radical thinkers and doers coming together to co-create a more beautiful future.

Launched in October 2020, our members stemmed originally from the Game B, Metamodern, Integral, and Sensemaking spaces.

As nomads, we eschew strict boundaries and welcome all types of seekers. Labels are held loosely, a multitude of perspectives are explored with discernment, and not-knowing is embraced.

What This Site Is For

Browse events happening in the Noosphere — Noetic Nomads, Rebel Wisdom, Future Thinkers, Game B, etc.

Check out our archive of Noetic Nomads content such as interviews, panel discussions, and other sessions from our YouTube channel.

How Do I Find Out More

Join our Discord community.

Connect and collaborate with radical thinkers, entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, spiritual seekers, and human beings all taking part in a new narrative.


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