Ep. 13 – Team Humane Tech: Biorobotics, Neurohacking & Upgrading To A New Cultural OS – Zach McKinney

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Technology is not neutral. It’s inherently infused with our assumptions, biases, and worldviews. What values do we consciously bake into our tech from the start in order to help create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?
I sat down to talk the future of tech, biohacking, brain machine interfaces, human-centered design, and more with Zach McKinney — biomedical engineer, post-doctoral research fellow at BioRobotics Institute in Pisa, Italy, chair of the IEEE’s standardization Working Group PAR-2794, and member of Team Human.

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I am grateful for this reply box. It is the only opportunity I have (because of self generated digital limitations) to respond to these valuable communications regarding so many aspects of Us.

Thank you for the interesting discussion in this video. It is Valuable.

Being who and what I am, I do not have the ability to “capture” (without a lot repetitive study) all of the Ideas that are shared in these discourses. But a little does stick in my head and I am appreciative of these wee sparks of Ideas. They usually contribute enough stimulus for a little bit of personal growth in myself. This always feels Good and leads to More of the same.

Key words that I have retained in this conversation between Albert and Zack: “Communication” and “Body” (as in collective body).

A bit of response about “communication”:
Specifically, “communication” between Spiritually Originated Thoughts and the Thinking that is translated into “Artificial Intelligence”.
I do not know, if the (some) Thoughts that saturate and come forth, from the Spiritual Realm, are directly “entered” into “receiver/memory” systems of Artificial Intelligence. I believe that this capability exists, but am unsure of the motivation to do so.

I believe this “capability” has the strongest potential in the between zone, called “Morontial”, that is inhabited by Sentient Beings called “Midwayers”…they are designed to mediate and assist in matters of concern between the Spiritual (Infinite) and Physical (Finite) realms of CREATION. Though the “Midwayers” are somewhat constrained by some commitment of “non-interference” in Human Affairs, they do, occasionally get involved and try to help. This circumstance might lead to their entering knowledge and data into Human made Artificial Intelligence Tools (computers, robots, etc) I have to believe, that if “They” did, the outcome would almost always be Positive. Don’t know if they would use Our Binary System, or have something Better. (more carefully constructed versions?)

Belief about “Thought” and the Human Endeavor in Technology:
Since “Thought” originates in the “Spiritual Realm” (Belief/Assumption) and is accessed and utilized, via “Organic/Physical Organisms”, it takes translation ability to put “Thought” into “mechanism”. This translation is expedited through the Evolved system design Brain Intelligence of the Physical Organism. ( in this case: Binary Math) .

Just sharing a few Thoughts here. Who knows…they might be of some use to somebody.

About “Collective Bodies”: (Networks of mutually supportive systems, disciplines and organizations.)
They can be powerful in the sense of furthering directions (Good or bad, mostly negative or mostly Positive, Evolutionarily Productive or De-evolutionarily counter-productive, Moral or immoral) Of course all this is explored and experimented with from a “What CREATOR Needs and Wants From Us” perspective…that I try to keep in Mind, as I “grow”.

I see “Noetic Nomads” as a vibrant unit of a developing “Collective Body”, that has the Potential to do Great (True Greatness) Work for Our Species.

Needless to say, I support this, as much as I can. Every little bit helps.

Respectfully Submitted, Dan 1

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