Ep. 8 – The Singularity, Hallucinated Reality, & Taking Control of Our Language Machines – heron stone

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?are you one of the 95% of people living in

   a language-induced trance

?are you curious as to why i’m writing like


*then definitely listen to this episode with

   philosophical renegade heron stone

.we delve into the hypnotic spell of language

   gripping humanity since the paleolithic,

   the impending collapse of America,

   heron’s immunity to LSD and DMT,

   and much, much more.


Email: heron@gendo.net

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a great brain of complexity that can deconstruct our somewhat clumsy words that do little. Yes our English language could be helped, as constantly our method is to amaze with a spectacle of complexity in words, while leaving the man on the street perplexed at our jargonistic inventions to coded specialties.
“it must be the spark plugs” people tell me, or “It is built in redundancy” others will say. Neither of which is true, both these theories create a massive waste problem and many others, including, it must be cancer, or, it must be climate change, when mostly it could be just to use a little time with science and not fear.


The topic of language appears to be an attractor here at Noetic Nomads. Yourself, me, heron, Daniel, Robin, Jochen, I’m editing an episode right now with Bhavana who’s also deeply into language. Gabriel is a wordsmith by trade.

Very interesting.

We all in our own ways seem to understand the critical nature of language in our present issues of Communication and Consciousness.


it is a dream come true Albert, and an increadible opportunity to live with such minds and passion.


Peter L is pulling up the draw bridge to his own silo.
So predictable, he even used my predictable meme, I knew he would use.
If, and a big if, the study of history was an essay, it would be a lot of fun.
In its present form, I believe we have all the ingredients necessary for further inventions.


just a note of thanks to albert for the amazing research he did in preparation for our conversation

he dug up stuff that was not easily found

good job albert… thank you for your diligence


It was my pleasure, heron! Yours is a fascinating story full of radical ideas and projects . Really appreciate you coming on and sharing in the conversational space with me and for enlightening our community with your bold ideas.

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