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Wow! Would you get a load of this! Albert made a place for Us to write articles. How neat and potentially very conducive to Human Bonding here. “Noetic Nomads” feels real Good to me, indeed.

“Noetic Nomads” is a unique and insightful title, isn’t it? It can be as Meaningful and Valuable as the Endless Realms of Thought that, I Believe, is as vast as “The Seven Universes” of CREATION…and Has Not, Does Not and Will Not stop there. Almost “blows my Personal circuits” to think about it.

“Noetic” pertains to Mind and Mind is all about Thought and “Nomadic” is the Earned Freedom Realm, that Our Thought Discovers, Explores, Learns From, Contributes to, Guides and Benefits From. It is wonderful to be part of such a Thing.

A secret: All CREATION is “Noetic” and We will move through IT Forever. REJOICE!

Daniel Donnason Jones

"Pale Male", born in 1945 at "Lone Pine", California. Not sure which rock, haven't located it yet. But "Lone Pine" is definitely an auspicious place for the likes of me. It snuggles near a once flourishing River that is fed by melting Snows that come to it in many places...out of the Magic "Hana Spinah" ("Dragon Spine") Mountains to the West. This trickle of what it once was, runs along the base of other Mountains that marks the beginning of the Great Basin Desert, that was once a Sea. This River Valley does seem Magical. It is where the driest and the wetness blessed touch each other and the highest views the lowest Sun filled basin of The Sea. That's where I was born. I was taken away, from this treasured place...but, of course, I found my way back. More than once and now, I don't Live too far from it. It nurtures me. I can feel its Energy, augmenting the challenging Energies that are such a vital part of my Desert Home With Another Magic River... where I sit and write.

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Thanks for posting this wee little contribution, Albert. The picture you put with it is warm and mysterious. Very appropriate.

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