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This a member contribution by Thea Dixon. Watch Part 1 of our special series on Tantra here and our first Noetic Nomads episode together here.

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Tantra emerged in India, between 300 and 400 CE, when the first Hindu and Buddhist Tantric texts were written down, as poetic metaphors pointing to Oneness and Divine Love. These first writings were purposely obscure so that only initiates could understand them.

Tantra is a spiritual practice, which means your mind comes into play as much as your body. The word tantra in Sanskrit means “weaving”—becoming an alchemist of Love. When you practice Tantra, you’re connecting your body, mind, and soul. A clear mindset and willingness to step out of your comfort zone are important to uniting those parts of yourself.

A key difference between Tantra and classical yoga lies in Tantra’s body-positive view. Since the body exists in the material world, the classical yoga viewpoint is that it is inferior to the transcendental Self or spirit. Tantra views the body as a manifestation of spirit.

This Love and Acceptance of our whole selves is embodied through practices such as Tantric kissing, which is done with full, sustained lip contact. This means not stopping or pulling away, but staying connected, allowing your lips to answer each other in this juicy, succulent dance. You remain joined at the lips, which are fused into a relaxed, sensual fashion.

Tantric sex is an ancient Hindu practice that has been going for over 5,000 years, and means the weaving and expansion of energy. It’s a slow form of sex that’s said to increase intimacy and create a mind-body connection that can lead to powerful orgasms.

“Most humans only experience 10%, a minute fraction, of what is possible. Awakening your Bliss Body will take you to a realm far beyond your current experience of sexuality. “

Following up on the Bliss Body—what does “bliss” mean from a Tantric perspective?  

The yogic tradition talks about koshas, meaning “sheaths” or “layers”. Each of us has five koshas or bodies, one encased by the next.

Starting from the outermost layer and moving through the layers to the core of the self, each body is made up of increasingly subtler degrees of energy—from the Physical body to the Energetic body, to the Mental body, to the Wisdom body, and finally, to the Bliss body.

These five bodies cannot be taken apart and separated. These layers are interwoven, interrelated, and interactive—what happens on one level affects all layers of the body.

If we become aware of these subtle aspects of our being, it results in deep intimacy on a whole new level, happiness from within, that you just want to share with everyone you interact with since you are overflowing. It also creates well-being on a health level preventing illness and has an anti-aging effect. 

Learning Tantric breathing will open you up and to these 5 bodies. You do not need a partner to practice. Imagine having cultivated this within yourself and then bringing it to your intimate relationship. This way of being will permeate through any relationship and aspect of your life, since you are more and more embodied in your true self.  

Ancient breath practices open the Bliss Body and the prolonged moving of Eros / Life Force through your whole body, creating new pathways and allowing for stagnations to be freed to an unobstructed flow.

It is the shift from what I call conventional to Tantric whole body orgasm

Imagine what is possible!

We can awaken these subtle bodies with breathwork and guided meditations through the inner landscape of our bodies. Making Love can make you an artist of Love. We will in the future speak more on slow sex and ways of opening to your intimate partner through listening and sensing beyond your 5 senses—opening to deep sensuality

We are moving further than hormones and procreation into co-creation with others and with Life itself. This is Eros, Life Force, Shakti—that energy, intelligence that grew you in your mother’s womb. 

Feel the spark of Evolutionary Impulse, as the late Barbara Marx Hubbard called it, moving through your whole body and co-creating with the unified field, as we elevate our sense from that of a separate self to a Oneness of Consciousness together

Thea Dixon is a Tantric teacher, breathwork therapist, holistic personal chef, and all-around badass manifestation of the Divine Feminine.

Message her here on Noetic Nomads or through her personal chef website: www.cheftheadixon.com



[…] Tantra | Making Love In and With Every Moment […]


[…] Tantra | Making Love In and With Every Moment […]


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