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ANNOUNCEMENT: Thea and I will be hosting an Interintellect workshop on Tantra on January 9, 2021, from 5pm-8pm ET! Click for more info

Eros. Bliss. Prana. Orgasm. Intimacy. Samadhi. Lovemaking. Breath. The Eternal Flame.


This is the first of three episodes on this sacred devotional art brought to you by Thea Dixon, a Tantric teacher with over 30 years of experience who was first initiated into the tradition in India.

Thea and I brainstorming ideas for more videos as well as for Tantric practice sessions, all free for the community. Please comment below what you’d be interested in!

Think you know what Tantra is? That it’s just some Indian sex thing (like *ahem* some people)?

Learn about the origins of Tantra, the evolution it took during the Sexual Revolution of the 60s, the nondual tradition that is making a comeback with practitioners like Thea, and how can we experience the most incredible bliss…simply by breathing.

WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE: Read Thea’s beautiful piece on how we can weave our body, mind, and soul through Tantra into an artform of lovemaking.


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